SunPower Successfully Completed 100MW Solar Project In Chile

- Jan 19, 2018-

Recently, SunPower announced the successful completion of 100MW solar project in Chile. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Chilean Energy Minister Andrés Rebolito attended the ceremony to unveil the 100-megawatt Pelicano solar power plant in Coquimbo, Chile.


The project is owned by SunPower and developed on 186 hectares of land in La Higuera.

Now that the project is up and running, the 100-megawatt photovoltaic project generates enough electricity to meet the energy needs of an average of 120,000 Chilean households. The site generates electricity that will be used to support the subway system in Santiago, Chile.

Mr. Bachelet, President of Chile, said: "The San Diego Metro will be the first metro station in the world that uses solar and wind power to reach 60%. No other metro is involved in such large-scale non-traditional renewable energy operations.

She added: "What has been proven here is not only a recognition of energy, but also an understanding of the economy itself. That is to say, innovation promotes the development of peoples, nations and the environment. This is not a theory, This is a will to realize, and we see the result on the Metro in San Diego. "