Solar Generator Advantages

- Nov 10, 2017-

1, Independent power supply, not subject to geographical restrictions, without fuel consumption, no mechanical rotating parts, short construction period, the size of any size.

2, Compared with thermal power and nuclear power generation, solar power generation will not cause environmental pollution, safe and reliable, no noise, beautiful environment, low failure rate and long service life.

3, easy disassembly, easy to move, low installation cost of the project, can be easily combined with the building, without the need to pre-buried high power transmission lines, eliminating the damage to the vegetation and the environment and engineering costs when laying cables long-distance.

4, Widely used in all kinds of electrical appliances, it is very suitable for home appliances, appliances and lighting appliances in remote areas such as families, villages, steppe pastures, hills, islands, and expressways in areas lacking electricity or electricity.

5, with a permanent, as long as the sun exists, solar power can be an investment and long-term use.

6, solar power system can be small and medium sized, large to medium-sized power plants million kilowatts, small enough to use only a solar power generation group, which is unmatched by other power sources.

China's solar energy resources are very rich, the theoretical reserves of 1.7 trillion tons of standard coal per year. The potential of solar energy resources development and utilization is very broad.