Several Aspects Of The Future Development Of The Global Energy Network

- Dec 24, 2017-

Building and promoting the development of the global energy Internet will lead to new breakthroughs in technology such as UHV, clean energy and smart grid, as well as market building and market regulation cooperation.

To promote the development of UHV transmission technology to a higher level. With the future of the intercontinental interconnected power grid construction, will promote the development of UHV transmission technology to a large capacity and high voltage direction, the transmission distance of more than 3000 kilometers, transmission capacity more than 10 million kilowatts, with a greater range of optimizing the allocation of resources; secondly, the sea and the polar regions of large new energy base development of flexible HVDC technology plays an important role in promoting, will further enhance the flexible DC transmission voltage level and transmission capacity, voltage level is expected to reach 500 thousand + V ~ + 800 thousand volts, the capacity increased to 3 million ~500 million kilowatts, play an important role in support of offshore wind power, large polar grid and out of new energy base. The research results show that, with the use of 1 million 100 thousand volt HVDC transmission, without considering the transnational tariff, even considering the investment level of the high line and converter station, the development cost between the sending and receiving terminals is up to 0.042 dollars per kilowatt hour, and the economic transmission distance can reach 5000 km. The cost has been able to support long - range economic demand for large clean energy bases around the world. At present, the maximum transmission distance of the UHV AC and DC project in China is over 2000 km and the transmission capacity reaches 8 million KW. With the overall breakthrough of the + 1 million 100 thousand volt HVDC transmission technology, the transmission distance will exceed 5000 km and the transmission capacity will reach 12 million KW.

The two-way interaction of energy flow and information flow is realized. The large-scale interconnected power grid, the power grid safe operation control technology put forward higher requirements, to further enhance the large-scale AC / DC power system simulation modeling, safety control and protection technology and automation technology, ensuring network security and high proportion of new energy access under the condition of stable operation and reliable power supply. The future, big data analysis, cloud computing, networking and other Internet information technology will realize the depth of integration and application of power system and power system in various fields, driven by a single production power supply system gradually to a comprehensive energy service platform transformation, user centric, experience a new architecture for guiding the two-way flow of information flow and energy flow, to it will be possible to establish, which can realize the interaction of producers and consumers of energy flow and information flow.

Promote the formation of the global market for power products. From the historical experience of global revolutionary market construction and energy product application, the global energy Internet will promote financial capital to participate in it, and ultimately promote, integrate and optimize the global electricity market through the power of capital, and serve consumers more conveniently. In this situation, you can imagine, in the global energy Internet load and distribution centers, such as Beijing, Frankfurt, in Chicago, St Paul and other places, will form the electric energy exchange due to the extreme homogeneity of products (this point than other energy products have a significant advantage) and power of the Internet and the seasonal difference area spread, a few the big exchanges will achieve 24x365 all-weather power trading and price reporting system. Because of the exchange, will promote the producers, consumers, wholesalers and other entities on the industrial chain business, fusion and electricity prices and other financial capital investors, so as to promote the integration of financial capital and industrial capital, and through the power of capital to further promote and improve market optimization, and ultimately the formation of clean energy alternative to fossil energy situation.

Promote and strengthen international regulatory cooperation. At present, the main developed countries actively encourage the implementation of clean energy, smart grid and other technical applications. For large power grid interconnection, it involves many countries, regions and stakeholders. We need to face geopolitical, economic interests, social environment, energy policy, technological innovation and other major issues. International policy making, supervision cooperation, market trading mechanism construction, and other aspects, through the dual and multilateral energy policy communication, to reach regional cooperation consensus. According to local social conditions, all regions should promote the construction of regional power information service platform, share basic information, operation experience, successful cases and tax policies, so as to bring more benefits to energy consumers.