Introduction Of Gasoline Generator- China Factory

- Dec 07, 2017-

A gasoline generator is usually made up of a stator, a rotor, an end cover and a bearing. The engine is the chemical energy into mechanical energy of the machine, it is actually a process of working cycle process, simply generate kinetic energy by burning the fuel in the cylinder, piston, cylinder reciprocating motion, thus driving even the connecting rod on the piston and the crank is connected with the connecting rod, crankshaft around the center of circular reciprocating motion, and the output power. 

The stator consists of a stator core, a winding winding, a seat, and other structural parts that are fixed to these parts. The rotor is composed of rotor iron core (or magnetic pole, magnetic choke) winding, retaining ring, center ring, slide ring, fan and rotating shaft. The stator and rotor of the generator are connected by the bearing and the end cap, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator and cut the magnetic line to generate the induced potential. The current is generated through the connection terminal and connected to the loop.