Global Energy Interconnection Will Reshape The World's Energy Pattern

- Dec 24, 2017-

From the national Power Grid Corp news, February 25th, the United States of Houston, "Davos energy" of the Cambridge energy week in power, a theme entitled "building global energy Internet to promote the transformation of energy in the world" speech China Liu Zhenya as chairman of Power Grid Corp has aroused strong repercussions.

Daniel Yergin, President of the international energy expert and Cambridge energy consulting company, believes that the global energy Internet is a great idea that will create the world's energy structure in the fossil energy era. Energy companies in the United States, Mexico and other countries say they are willing to work together with the Chinese national Power Grid Corp to promote the global energy Internet construction.

Building a global energy Internet cooperation platform

It is understood that as a concern of the global energy market trends, new situation, new characteristics and new challenges to the international high-end forum, Cambridge energy week has been hailed as the energy of Davos, the last century was founded in 70s by Daniel Yergin in Washington, every two or three months in the United States held in Houston.

"Energy network, traffic network, communication (information) network is the three most important infrastructure of the basic network in the world. After years of construction, the transportation network and communication network have realized transnational intercontinental Internet. The energy network is bound to develop towards the global interconnection, namely the global energy Internet. In his speech, Liu Zhenya pointed out that "the basic platform for the development, conversion, configuration and use of all kinds of energy is the power grid, and the nature of the energy network is the power grid."

Liu Zhenya said, the global energy Internet is strong and smart grid in UHV power network as the backbone network, the global Internet, clean energy in the global large-scale development, allocation and utilization of the basic platform, is the essence of "smart grid of UHV power grid + + clean energy". UHV power grid is the key, smart grid is the foundation, clean energy is the fundamental. The current conditions for building a global energy Internet are already available.

China National Power Grid Corp has made many pioneering works in resource assessment, technology research, equipment development, investment and financing innovation, organization construction, planning research and demonstration projects. Liu Zhenya said that China's practice has fully demonstrated that relying on the innovation and development of UHV, smart grid, clean energy and other new technologies, it is feasible to build the global energy Internet.

He believes that the global energy Internet is a major innovation in the field of energy in twenty-first Century, and will profoundly change the world's energy development pattern. The global energy Internet through onshore grid and cable covering all continents every corner of the world, breakthrough resource constraints, energy development and environmental constraints and space-time constraints, the implementation of centralized and distributed large-scale clean energy development and use, fundamentally solve the problem of oil and gas storage and transportation, power plant pollution, nuclear waste disposal, such as carbon sequestration, let everyone has plenty of cheap and clean energy and intelligence services, enjoy a more comfortable life, more prosperous economy, more livable environment and harmonious society.

The Liu Zhenya initiative, all parties in the mutual trust and common development principles, build consensus and strengthen cooperation to build a global energy Internet development cooperation platform, to carry out joint research on major issues, to launch a number of major demonstration projects as soon as possible, promote pragmatic innovation and development of global energy internet.

Energy Internet reshaped the global energy pattern

Liu Zhenya's speech was strongly repercussions among officials and experts attending the Cambridge energy week.

Norman Bbe, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, said that the global energy Internet is a visionary strategy, which is of great significance and has extensive influence in the US political, energy and industrial sectors. Although the global energy Internet is facing economic, technological and political challenges, economic and technological issues are not a problem. We believe that the global energy Internet can be built. "Because the construction of the global energy Internet will unite all human beings and promote peaceful coexistence in all countries and regions around the world."

"The global energy Internet is a very pioneering and great idea, and China's national Power Grid Corp has already had a significant advantage and successful practice." Daniel Yergin, chairman of Cambridge energy consulting company, commented that the global energy Internet will play an important role in solving global energy security, environmental pollution and climate change. Considering that the distance of UHV transmission can reach 5000 km, the interconnection between continents can be realized, for example, from Asia to Europe or even farther, which will help to reshape the new pattern of global energy in the post fossil energy era.

Robert Gio, a former Vice Minister of the US Department of energy, said the global energy Internet involves three major aspects of energy, environment and economic development. From a balanced perspective, the global energy Internet should meet more people's demand for energy, so as to ensure the stable supply of global energy, and further increase the power for economic growth. From the perspective of optimizing the allocation of energy, global energy Internet will promote new energy sources such as wind and solar energy production and consumption. Because wind energy and solar energy peak at a specific time, the global energy Internet can be transformed at their peak and transferred to places where they can not produce these clean energy to provide users with access. From the perspective of environmental protection, global energy Internet to promote clean energy utilization, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"Transmissions across borders will make countries dependent on each other, so building a global energy Internet needs to be built."