Generator Operating Skills

- Nov 10, 2017-

After the start of the generator set of eight use of standard techniques, many of my friends that the normal start of diesel generators do not have to take care of, in fact, this is wrong, because the diesel generator is the most prone to failure after the start. So this time it should be regular routine inspection, so as to ensure the normal work of generating units.

The following look at the start after the use of eight standard skills

1, the switch screen on the regulator switch switch placed in the manual position;

2, open the fuel switch, while the fuel control handle fixed at 700 r / min throttle position;

3, with high-pressure pump switch handle continuously manual pump oil, until there is pump resistance, the injector issued a crisp sound so far;

4, the pump switch handle on the working position, the pressure relief valve to the decompression position;

5, with the hand handle or press the power button to start the diesel engine, when the diesel engine to a certain speed, the shaft quickly pulled back to the working position, so that the diesel ignition start;

6, the diesel engine starts, the key back to the middle of the key, the speed should be controlled at 600 to 700 r / min, and close the group pay attention to oil pressure, the table instructions (see the engine oil pressure on the use of various types of diesel engine instructions), if No indication of oil pressure, should immediately stop inspection;

7, if the unit low-speed normal operation, the speed can be gradually increased to 1000 ~ 1200 r / min preheating operation, when the water temperature at 50 ~ 60 ℃, oil temperature reaches 45 ℃ or so, then the speed increased to 1500 r / min , Observe the distribution screen frequency table should be about 50 Hz, the voltage meter for the 380 ~ 410 volts, if the voltage is high or low can adjust the magnetic field rheostat;

8, if the unit is working properly, you can close the generator and the negative load between the air switch, and then gradually increase the negative load, outgoing power;

Warm remind you, 1, all kinds of diesel engine start should be used according to their diesel engine maintenance instructions, 2, in the regulator when the unit stored for too long, the generator power loss, the voltage is not established, this time the battery can be charged, Magnetic field winding L1 (+) then the battery cathode L2 (-) then the battery negative, can not be connected wrong 3, if the button for 10 seconds, can not start the ignition, should wait about a minute or so for a second start, if continuous Three failed, should identify the cause of the fault and then start.

The above is about the use of generator sets after the start of the use of eight specifications, pay attention to these norms, not only to make diesel generating units work better, but also to extend the life of diesel generators are also helpful.