Generator Loss

- Nov 10, 2017-

Generator loss is the generator completely lost excitation. The main reasons for the loss of excitation include: rectifier cabinet failure, automatic adjustment of the excitation device failure, the operation of personnel misuse, excitation circuit disconnection, demagnetization switch malfunction and rotor winding failure.

After the failure of the generator failure occurs, the hazards of the power system are as follows: (1) After the low excitation or loss of magnetism, the generator will transition to the asynchronous operation state, absorb reactive power from the system, cause the power system voltage to drop, if the system reactive Power reserve is insufficient, the system may collapse due to voltage collapse; ② loss of active power generator changes, and the system voltage drop, the system may oscillate, a large load rejection.

After the failure of the generator failure occurs, the main hazards of the generator itself are as follows: (1) If the load is lost in the case of heavy load, the stator current will increase, resulting in overheating of the stator winding; ② the differential current in the rotor circuit, Which produces additional rotor losses, if the allowable value, will make the rotor overheating.