Generator Group Nurturing

- Nov 10, 2017-

Class A maintenance

One day daily

1) Check generator work daily.

2) Check the generator: oil plane, coolant plane.

3) check whether the generator damage, blending, belt relaxation or wear.

Second, weekly:

1) Repeat the daily A-level check.

2) Check the air cleaner, clean or replace the air cleaner core.

3) Release water or deposits from fuel tanks and fuel filters.

4) Check the water filter.

5) Check the starting battery.

6) Start the generator and check for any impact.

7) with air gun and clean water cooler front and rear heat sink.

Class B maintenance

1) Repeat the A-level daily and weekly check.

2) Replace the generator oil. (Oil replacement cycle is 250 hours or a month)

3) Replace the oil filter. (Oil filter replacement cycle for 250 hours or a month)

4) Replace the fuel filter cartridge. (Replacement period of 250 hours or a month)

5) Replace the coolant or check the coolant. (Water filter replacement cycle is 250-300 hours, in the cooling system plus

Note Supplementary Coolant DCA)

6) Clean or replace the air filter. (Air filter replacement cycle is 500-600 hours)

Class C maintenance

1) Replace the diesel filter, oil filter, water filter, replace the water tank and oil.

2) adjust the fan belt tightness.

3) Check the supercharger.

4) Demolition, inspection and cleaning of PT pumps, actuators.

5) open the rocker chamber cover, check the Ding pressure plate, valve guide and into the exhaust valve.

6) adjust the nozzle lift; adjust the valve clearance.

7) Check the charging generator.

8) Check the tank radiator and the cleaning tank external radiator.

9) Water tank inside the tank, cleaning the inside of the tank.

10) Check the diesel engine sensor and connecting the wire.

11) Check the diesel engine case box.