A High Potential Market For Portable Inverter Generator

- Jun 08, 2018-

Portable digital generators belong to the category of gasoline generators. As mobility strong independent power supply, the equipped with digital control module and inverter, energy consumption and emission is much lower than traditional gasoline generator, ac voltage waveform and frequency output is more stable, and have character of small volume, light weight, convenient to carry, in need of standby power supply and liquidity operation situation has a unique advantage. In recent years, the portable digital generator has been widely used in medical, communications, business, security, transportation and other fields, especially in Europe, America, Japan and other developed areas of modern family a large demand for high precision digital generator, most families have as a tourism TV, DVD, stereo, cooking, heating, lighting, power supply. Portable digital generators are low in energy consumption and noise.

With the structural adjustment of industrial structure and improve people's living standard, on the one hand, our country tourist Numbers increase, a lot of scenic spots during the holiday season appear the situation of congestion, prompted domestic breeds of drive and camping consumer groups gradually, stimulate the portable digital generator as a backup power market demand. On the other hand, low-carbon economy and environmental protection have increasingly become the main theme of social development.

In the international market, the United States, Europe, the largest demand for portable digital generators. On the one hand, the European and American developed local residents' consumption ability is stronger, for outdoor activities such as camping, drive, road trips, such as strong demand, makes the portable digital generator demand in Europe and has maintained steady growth; Europe and America region, on the other hand, more private clinics, a more advanced medical conditions, for alternate measures of sudden power outages are also more perfect, often in hospitals, clinics, ambulance and other places and facilities equipped with portable digital generator as a backup power. Industrialization driven by emerging economies in the asia-pacific region, the rapidly increasing living standards, people demand for material level rising at the same time, concerned about the spiritual demand is also gradually to increase, outdoor culture has been rapidly accepted by the asia-pacific region, brigade.