The cause of abnormal exhaust smoke of gasoline inverter generator

- Dec 20, 2017-

There are three general conditions for the abnormal exhaust smoke of the engine in the small gasoline inverter generator generator set. The reasons for the failure and the maintenance methods are as follows:

Black Smoke from the exhaust pipe

(1) the poor quality of the fuel quality used because of the poor quality of the fuel, resulting in the failure of the fuel into the cylinder to burn completely, causing black smoke. As long as qualified fuel is used, the failure can be eliminated.

(2) the injector is damaged because the injector has great pressure when it is injected. If the fuel is mixed with impurities, hard impurities may tear the inner wall of the injector, which will change the accuracy of fuel injection. The excess fuel can not be completely burned in the cylinder, it also causes the exhaust pipe to smoke, and the injector should be replaced at this time.

(3) air filter clogging cause more dust in the month. A lot of dust cause serious blockage of air filters, resulting in insufficient combustion of air into the cylinder and incomplete combustion of fuel, resulting in black smoke. At this time, air filter should be cleaned or replaced, and environmental cleaning should be done to prevent such faults.

(4) the timing of engine injection is not based on the calibration of fuel injection time, and that is to say, the working process of piston corresponds to the fuel injection. If there is a time difference between the two, it causes incomplete combustion and black smoke. At this time, the engine fuel injection timing and valve clearance need to be adjusted to eliminate the failure.