SE2000i Inverter Generator Knowledge (V)

- Mar 06, 2018-

SE2000i's engine meets the strictest U.S. EPA/CARB emission standards, and the electrical system is environment friendly with the use of a multipole permanent magnet generator and inverter for high efficient power generation. 

And SE2000i uses the special fuel control system, which allows the gen-set to be tilted down without leakage. It will not cause environmental pollution. The salary of chinese factory workers is generally not high. However, due to the high technology content and high additional value of SE2000i, it can increase employment, improve the income of employees and improve the living standard. 

SE2000i is very portable, safe and easy to use, which can attract more new users to buy and use. It is especially suitable for outdoor recreation, creating new consumer market and becoming a new economic growth point.