SE2000i Inverter Generator Knowledge (IV)

- Mar 06, 2018-

Currently Inverter Generator is faced with fierce competition. Almost all the designs of generators on the market are very similar to HONDA and YAMAHA, it leads to very serious homogenization competition, the price is lower and lower, and the product quality is difficult to guarantee. 

Our SE2000i makes a huge improvement based on HONDA and YAMAHA generator set, greatly improving the product's portability, security, and ease of use. It has obvious differences with the existing products. It is unique in the whole market and can create more value for customers. 

Disruptive innovative products can also enhance the brand popularity and influence of customers. On the other hand, our factory is located in China. There are the most complete generator-making resources all over the world. The huge supply resources of the generator parts reduce the cost of the whole machine. This makes our products very cost-effective. It has a strong competitiveness in the market, as long as the customer's sales strategy is appropriate, SE2000i will bring a great profit to our customers.