SE2000i Inverter Generator Knowledge (II)

- Mar 06, 2018-

Aiming at solving the shortcomings of the existing generator set, we started from "zero" to  optimize designs of generator set, and spent 3 years, finally developing a disruptive innovation product, the main innovation points (all with patents) as follows:

1、The roller axis is arranged longitudinally along the length of the generator set, and the pull rod device is installed on the side of the generator set to give the user unprecedented mobility.

2、Improve the fuel supply system to ensure that the generator does not leak after tilting. This is the only generator set currently in the world that allows be tilted down.

3、We developed the gen-mate intelligent wireless monitoring system for the generator. The user can connect the generator set to the smartphone APP via WIFI, to conduct real-time monitoring and control of the generator set. The smartphone APP also has the intelligent functions like troubleshooting, maintenance reminder, refueling reminder and so on.