SE2000i Inverter Generator Knowledge (I)

- Mar 06, 2018-

1、How to make the generator more convenient to be carried? HONDA, YAMAHA and other companies have had similar mature designs in this regard: setting rollers and rods on generators. But this seemingly effortless design is not ideal: the weight of a generator is passed to the user through a pull rod, and carrying a generator is still not easy as expected.

2、How to improve the safety of generator? When the generator is placed in the trunk of the car, the vehicle's wobble may cause the generator set to fall down due to the higher gravity center of the generator. However, the existing generator sets are strictly prohibited to tilt down, otherwise the fuel may leak from the carburetor and fuel tank, resulting in safety hazards and environmental pollution.

3、How to improve the ease of use of generator? The existing generator is more complicated to use, and it is difficult for users to master the starting, use and maintenance of the generator in a short time. And it is very difficult for the user to get accurate information about the operation state of the generator, and the control of the generator is also very inconvenient.