Preparations before using gasoline generators

- Sep 13, 2018-

1. To avoid electric shock, please connect the ground wire before using this unit.

2. Please use unleaded petrol of 90# or above. When refueling, first remove the fuel tank cap (counterclockwise rotation), then fill the fuel and observe the oil level gauge on the tank at any time. Do not remove the fuel filter from the fuel filler when refueling.

(When refueling, the generator must be stopped, be careful of the surrounding fireworks.) Do not add oil to the top of the ultra-filter.

3. Add a four-stroke generator oil of the specified capacity to the crankcase. Pull out the oil gauge, you can check the oil capacity, the oil level should be between the scale grid, and the best state is the middle. When filling the oil, turn off the black oil cap by turning it counterclockwise to inject the oil. Check the oil amount again after one minute. There is an oil pressure sensor inside the engine. If the oil is insufficient, the generator cannot start normally. If the oil is excessive, the generator will not work normally. Please release the excess oil through the grease nipple.

After the generator has been used for 10-15 hours in the running-in period, the new oil must be replaced again. In the normal use in the future, according to the use environment and strength requirements, replace the new oil once after 30-50 hours of use.

If the total time of the generator is less than 30 hours in half a year, when using the generator again, please replace the new oil once. Every time you start the generator, you must check that the gasoline and oil are filled up to a safely usable capacity.

When using the generator, we must use it correctly according to the instructions. Only the correct operation of the generator can be used - the life of the generator set is greatly extended, and the inspection of the generator is also indispensable when we operate the generator correctly. of.

1. Inspection of the four leakage phenomena, surface, starting battery, engine oil and fuel oil of the generator set,

2. No-load is carried out every few months, and the test machine is repaired every six months. The load test in the existing maintenance is only the load test of the existing power equipment on the back end;

3. Test the electrical characteristic parameters when the gasoline generator set is fully loaded and at the full load for a specified time (see if you can bring your equipment after a period of time)

4. No-load test machine and low-power belt load according to whether a large amount of carbon is generated. When we find the above phenomenon, we will get in touch with our manufacturer and we will give you time to solve according to your problem.