How to use small gasoline generators correctly

- Dec 20, 2017-

The correct use of small gasoline generators is as follows:

Step 1, turn the fuel valve into the "ON" (open) position.

Step two, the generator switch is placed in the "ON" (open) position.

Step three, put the damper door to "CLOSE" position. Notice that if the generator is hot or the temperature is high, do not use the damper door.

Step four,

A hand start

Pull the grip on the rope until you feel the resistance, and then pull it quickly. Note: don't let it bounce suddenly let go of the handle and the impact should be slowly down the engine, starter rope bounce back.

B electric start

Turn the start switch clockwise until the engine starts. Attention: starting motor has large current when running, only allowing for short start time can not exceed 10 seconds. If continuous start, interval time should not be less than 2 minutes, and continuous starting times should not exceed 10 times, so as to avoid damage to starting motor and battery.

Step five, gradually move the damper door to "OPEN" (open) position. Step six, connect the transmission line, and place the power switch in the "ON" (open) position.