Five tips for gasoline generators

- Aug 16, 2018-

In order to ensure the safety of electricity and personal safety, Xiaobian hereby reminds five small tips: the generator must be isolated from the public power grid, let the generator run healthily, do not overload for a long time, often check the generator oil is not enough, etc. The five practical methods of generators are as follows:

Tuen Mun 1: Learning from the imaginary mind. When the consumer buys the generator, the technician will give you a detailed explanation and demonstration of the correct method of generator operation and maintenance, then you have to listen to it. Although the instructions are attached to the generator, the technical staff's words and deeds are definitely faster and more effective than your own research instructions.

Tuen Mun 2: Give the generator a "comfortable" environment. The generator can't be used in a humid environment, nor can it be placed indoors, because the indoor ventilation is not easy to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, the generator must be separated from the combustible and explosive items by more than 1 meter.

Tuen Mun 3: Generators must be isolated from the public power grid when in use. Before connecting the generator to the home grid, be sure to turn off the main power gate and disconnect the public grid. If it is not disconnected, the generator will send electricity to the public grid. At this time, two accidents may occur. First, the generator can not withstand the huge load and burn. The more dangerous thing is that it may be for the maintenance of the public power grid. The fatal danger of electric shock caused by electricians. Second, once the public power grid suddenly calls, a strong current will immediately burn the generator, causing serious fires and threatening the lives of consumers.

Tuen Mun 4: Let the generator run healthily, don't overload it for a long time. A generator with a rated power of 2 kW can withstand a 2.5 kW electrical load in a short period of time, but consumers must not do this "killing chickens and taking eggs". Over-load operation will shorten the service life of the generator, increase noise and exhaust gas pollution, and more serious, the output voltage will not reach the rated value, which will easily cause electrical damage.

Tuen Mun 5: Always check the generator's oil is not enough. Most of the generators are equipped with protection devices that cannot be started when the oil is not enough. In addition, when refueling the generator, be sure to stop after refueling; do not smoke while refueling, and do not allow the fuel to overflow. If the fuel accidentally spills, immediately wipe it with a rag.