Digital generator

- Nov 10, 2017-

Digital variable frequency generator is a new generator product developed in recent years. The popularity of this product is mainly concentrated in the small generator system below 5 kW.

The traditional generator products mainly use a low-speed engine to drive a power frequency output generator to work normally and directly output the corresponding required power. Because this type of system is started to work at a lower rotational speed, its relative volume Large, at the same time for the generator, the low-speed generator volume is also difficult to small size, the entire system is difficult to achieve miniaturization, portable.

The quality of the output power due to the output power voltage and frequency are directly proportional to the relationship between the engine speed, as the engine work in different load conditions, the system speed fluctuations will directly affect the output power supply voltage and frequency stability, the output The power waveform directly affected by the generator, the general low-power output waveform of this type of generator TDH are not too ideal. The emergence of digital generator program makes these problems have been well resolved.

Convenient & lightweight

Digital variable frequency generator is the smallest of its power generation equipment. Its size and weight are reduced by about 50% compared to conventional gensets, which makes it suitable for many entertainment applications as a small portable power source, completely changing the "big, dumb, Rough "traditional image.

Unique structure & craftsmanship

Digital variable frequency generator set appearance novel and beautiful, the internal process unique and reasonable structure, and at the same time have the appearance of design and internal structure and other related patents.

Quiet & cozy

Unique design of the double noise reduction system makes the digital generator noise than the traditional generator set low 3-9 dB. It adopts the air duct designed by internationally renowned professional design company, making the intake and exhaust more open, noise and mechanical vibration smaller.

High quality & stability

The key component of the digital variable frequency generator is its built-in microprocessor. With its powerful modular design, it processes and purifies the original power generated by the generator, making the power output of the digital genset very clean and stable. Digital inverter generator power waveform is a perfect sine wave, so high-quality power is particularly suitable for voltage and current fluctuations in the more sensitive electrical equipment and instruments, such as: computers, fax machines, printers, communications equipment.


Digital variable frequency generator with a unique double noise reduction structure. Machine running noise than the traditional generator set 3-9 dB lower. Efficient combustion system can minimize the emission of harmful substances. Its emissions can reach the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) 2005 second phase of the standard. Compared with the traditional generator, it is a well-deserved environmental protection power generation equipment. Whether it is used in densely populated urban areas, camping in the wild, or as a back-up power source for home use, digital VFDs are an ideal choice.

Economical and practical

Digital variable frequency generator equipped with a variety of safety automatic protection devices, such as overload, low oil pressure and other protection, which greatly facilitates your operation, eliminating your worries. In addition, the unit is equipped with a unique intelligent throttle, which can automatically adjust the speed according to the actual load conditions, making it 20% -40% lower fuel consumption than the average unit, running longer. Give users more affordable. At the same time, also greatly extended the life of the machine.