Development of solar power station

- Nov 10, 2017-

France Odeo solar power station is the world's first solar power plant to achieve solar power. Although the power generation was only 64 kilowatts at the time, it laid the foundation for the later research and design of solar power plants.

In 1982 the United States built a 10 million kilowatt tower solar thermal pilot plant. The United States plans by 2000 that the total installed capacity of solar power plants will reach 40 million kilowatts. In 2000 and 2020, the percentage of electricity produced will be 7% and 25% of the total energy. As the light-heat converter (condenser) needs to occupy a larger space for light and heat, the equipment is too large, the United States plans to build a California power plant in 10000 kilowatts, for example, the light-gathering device amounts to 400000 square meters, 2000000 KW, you need an area of 50 square kilometers. It is estimated that the efficiency of large-scale solar power plants is only about 30%. In addition, the solar power station also needs an accumulator to cope with nighttime and overcast electricity needs, and the required concentrator is also more expensive and has poor power generation economy, thus affecting widespread application and promotion.