Calculation method of fuel consumption for small gasoline generator

- Dec 20, 2017-

Whether the household generator is good for gasoline or diesel, there are many customers calling home generators recently. How do you choose? I wonder if it's good to buy gasoline or diesel. I don't know how big it is to buy?

On these issues, we should talk about the following aspects:

First of all, we must first understand the difference and advantages and disadvantages between the gasoline generating set and the diesel generator set. With different fuels, gasoline generators have lower safety performance and higher fuel consumption than diesel generators. The gasoline generator is small in size and mainly in air-cooled type, and its general power is small and easy to move. The diesel generating set is generally water-cooled, and its power and volume are large. The noise of the gasoline generator is low, and the noise of the diesel generator set is great. Secondly, according to the size of your load. For example, there are 1 appliances to bring 1.5 air conditioning, 1 refrigerators, 2 computer, 1 TV, there are some lighting power, then I suggest to buy gasoline generators; if you need to load the power generating units of more than 10KW, I suggest you buy a diesel generator this time.

Again, economic and environmental considerations. The small gasoline generator set has low fuel consumption, small space and little noise. Although the power generation of diesel generating set is generally large, it has large oil consumption, large volume and loud noise.

To sum up, if you are just a simple household, I suggest you choose a small gasoline generator. It can not only meet the general electric power supply of family, but also save the economic cost. It is light and convenient to use, and the noise will not disturb the neighbor.